sports management

¿What's JoomBall?

JoomBall is the name chosen to create this component where you can manage easily different sports on your website. They began to create in February 2011 and not stopped evolving. It's working on various websites but at the moment it has proven especially in soccer.

One feature that is not in this first release version is being able to create chronic matches, something that is still being tested and is very powerful because it uses the articles to create them, without having to create other tables as do other components. JoomBall uses the full potential offered by Joomla.

What difference has over other components?

The best of JoomBall is to create Seasons or projects, which you can automatically generate the calendar. Many competitions management is not possible without a minimum of automation to create, modify or delete calendars and projects.



In each view of the administration find the help screen for the corresponding to you're currently viewing.



At the moment you can only see two pages in actual operation.


Sports: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball


Features in the Administration component

Competitions: Various existing competitions.

Categories: Different categories of each competition.

Clubs: Clubs data

Teams: Teams of Club

Seasons: We add each project. From here we can automatically generate the calendar.

Calendar: Calendar of all projects.

Friendly: Where we add friendly and triangular.


Component features on the Site

Competitions: This view shows the sports competitions. Example

Calendar: This view shows the calendar of each competition. Example

Single calendar: This view shows the competition matches your team. Example

Classification: This view shows the Classification of the project. Example

Matches: This view can display matches the week before or after our team. Example

Club: This view shows data from the Club. Example


Module JBMatch

Hours: We display the next matches

Results: We displayed the latest results

* Exist different templates for display.